Humans Being Bros and Sisses

The Walking Sticks of Ball’s Pyramid

The Walking Sticks of Ball’s Pyramid Today’s topic might win an award for the most misleading title. Given our penchant for hiking, one might surmise we’ll explore a special cane used on trails to a majestic pyramid crafted by humans (or aliens, amirite?) to look like a sphere. I’m not exactly sure how a spherical […]

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Puffling Patrol

Puffling Patrol The Atlantic Puffin loves rocky coasts. Cliffs on remote islands without natural predators provide wonderful nesting habitats for these birds. Puffins inhabit a wide swath of land from North America to Europe and northward toward the Arctic Circle. Despite this wide home base, puffins really love one place above all others: Iceland. More than 60% of all Atlantic puffins

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The KPK Rescue

The KPK Rescue Situated in northwestern Pakistan, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa contains some gorgeous scenery. Often abbreviated KP or KPK, the province borders Afghanistan and is bisected by the mighty Indus River as it comes down from the Himalayas. The region is home to one of the most famous mountain passages on the globe, the eponymous Khyber Pass.  The course

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Black Robins

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Black Robins In 1976, conservationist Don Merton disembarked from a boat in tempestuous seas and ascended 600 feet up a rock stack known as Little Mangere Island. This spit is a tiny member of the Chatham Islands, which rest 400 miles east of New Zealand’s South Island. Little Mangere covers just 37 acres, a mere blip

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An Entire Species in two Buckets

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An Entire Species in Two Buckets [The naturalist] looks upon every species of animal and plant now living as the individual letters which go to make one of the volumes of our earth’s history; and, as a few lost letters may make a sentence unintelligible, so the extinction of the numerous forms of life which

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The Frog Romeo

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The Frog Romeo This handsome fella is Romeo: Romeo – photo by Matias Careaga His bio features the following info: Height: 0′ 2″ Build: Stocky Status: Never married Children: No Want children?: Definitely Location: Bolivia Smoker?: No way Drinker?: Moderately For fun I like to: Leg days at the gym If you’re part of the

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