Kirkjufell If mountains were celebrities followed by alpine paparazzi, a few crags would garner A-list status. These top-tier megastars usually feature both eye-popping height and flash-popping resplendence. The same mountains appear constantly: Everest, K2, Mt. Fuji, Denali, and Kilimanjaro, among others. Some pop up often mostly for their looks, though I’d argue many pack serious elevation, too. The Matterhorn is the definition […]

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Pico de Orizaba – Mexico’s High Point

Pico de Orizaba – Mexico’s High Point Mexico does not often garner the reputation of a nation with a lot of mountainous splendor. The sandy biomes – deserts and beaches – yes. Soaring peaks – not so much. As we learned when Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston visited the Sierra Madre, however, perhaps that non-mountainous stature

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The Walking Sticks of Ball’s Pyramid

The Walking Sticks of Ball’s Pyramid Today’s topic might win an award for the most misleading title. Given our penchant for hiking, one might surmise we’ll explore a special cane used on trails to a majestic pyramid crafted by humans (or aliens, amirite?) to look like a sphere. I’m not exactly sure how a spherical

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Mt. Logan – Canada’s High Point

Mt. Logan – Canada’s High Point The clouds parting toward the northeast revealed several giant peaks not before seen…One stranger, rising in three white domes far above the clouds, was especially magnificent.  –Israel C. Russell  Most students of the mountains know Alaska’s Denali is the highest point in the United States and North America. What about the

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The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn What power must have been required to shatter and to sweep away the missing parts of this pyramid; for we do not see it surrounded by heaps of fragments; one only sees other peaks – themselves rooted to the ground – whose sides, equally rent, indicate an immense mass of débris, of which

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Team NKR

Team NKR Social media are tricky gumbos, simultaneously connecting and isolating, able to amplify fantastic messages, misinformation, and drivel. As lovers of the outdoors, one unabashedly positive aspect of the internet is the ability to follow along with incredible adventurers, as they visit gorgeous or remote vistas. For those of us who will likely never

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The website logo, featuring a string of black mountains, capped in snow, with a setting sun behind the range. The title "The Mountains Are Calling" across the bottom.

Serenity on Baxter

Serenity on Baxter The topics we feature for this project tend toward the extremes or the extraordinary. The tallest, the shortest, the biggest, the smallest, the first, the last, the youngest, the oldest. The dramatic, the bizarre, the inspirational, the important. All these superlatives and adjectives make fantastic articles. Of course, most things visible and

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