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Mediocre Amateur

Today I was feeling the wanderlust in a large way.

The last quarter-year has been difficult for many of us who love traveling and exploring the outdoors in locations that aren’t necessarily in our areas. The desire for travel, however, doesn’t simply vanish during a quarantine. One benefit of modern life is the plethora of footage out there. I find it is highly beneficial to feed the wanderlust with video when times are tough.

To that end, I fired up some moving pictures from one of my favorite content producers. I’d like to share a few examples of the breathtaking and insane videos they produce. Sometimes my mother tells me I’m crazy for some of the hiking and climbing expeditions I undertake. While I understand the sentiment, I also know I am really not on the high end of the spectrum of hardcore explorers. Exhibit A: Mediocre Amateur.

The videos they produce are equal parts extraordinary, beautiful, and mad.

Take, for instance, this episode where they climb Mount Rainier. In one day. Let’s just say that most people don’t summit in a single day.

“The lady at the wilderness information office looked a little concerned about us. I think that she thought there would be a rescue operation…”

Did I say one day? I meant 9.5 hours!

Gorgeous scenes from Washington’s High Point. Their climb is vicarious fun. All their videos are.

Check out a couple more, including an insane solo trip to Montana’s High Point and an insane group outing to Idaho’s High Point, which includes a helicopter journey. Have I used the word insane enough to describe these videos? When the shoe fits, we slip it on!

I linked the youtube channel below. I hope you enjoy the outdoor eye candy!

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