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Leap Day

Leap Day The rarest date on the calendar is February 29. If we assume all days of the year are just as likely birthdates, a human has a 1 in 4,161 chance to enter Earth on leap day. That’s about 0.07% of the population, which would mean approximately 232,000 Americans were born on 29 February. Why […]

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❤️ Is there a more ubiquitous symbol on Earth than the heart? The character spans all countries, religions, and philosophies. It can represent love, courage, conscience, emotion, the seat of life, or the seat of the soul. And, of course, the 20th century brought us the commercialized popularity of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day Card circa

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Mortal Flower That Perishes Like All That Is Pure

Mortal Flower That Perishes Like All That Is Pure One of life’s great small pleasures is the glory that emerges from translating proper native names into other languages. Sometimes we garner a euphonious moniker with a plain strict translation. For example, Katahdin is a musical name that means “Great Mountain.” While Maine’s High Point certainty is a

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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done? / Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!  –Lydia Maria Child, “Over the River and Through the Wood” We continue a tradition of exploring plants and animals associated with Thanksgiving, after investigating wild turkeys, cranberry sauce, and maize. Though cranberry sauce contains some sweetness, most people do not consume it

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Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees Perhaps the ubiquity of Christmas ubiquities is the tree that many celebrants add to their homes to decorate during the season. Raising plants indoors is not an oddity, but purchasing a sizable tree to move into one’s abode seems a bit out of the ordinary. How did we begin to string lights, toss

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Nature’s Mothers

Nature’s Mothers This weekend is Mother’s Day. To celebrate I thought it might be fitting to send you some videos of mothers and children in the natural world. But how do you narrow that to a few examples? It’s like typing in “cat” or “dog” in a search engine and trying to rummage through the

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