E.T. and the Kid

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E.T. and the Kid Today, I have a challenge for you. Despite its relatively young age, the United States is a nation full of pop-culture character sensations. Some real – Elvis, Calamity Jane, Johnny Appleseed – some fictitious – Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Bigfoot. On a county-by-county basis, it’s hard to beat the folklore pedigree …

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The Bootheel and Other Salients

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The Bootheel and Other Salients Humans love the notion of organization. We’ve taken a globe and sliced it into a grid; then we filled that grid with nations, states, counties, and cities. Viewing the planet from space, our longitudinal and border lines are invisible. Some of the lines between entities make sense, while others are …

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Peak of Eternal Light

Peak of Eternal Light   Today is the first full day of Autumn 2022 in the Northern Hemisphere. The fall equinox means we are currently experiencing nearly identical lengths of night and day. We have “day” and “night” because the planet spins on its axis. Earth rotates once every 24 hours with respect to the …

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The Lake Above the Ocean

The Lake Above the Ocean Fire up your virtual traveling machines and come for a visit to the Faroe Islands, where one of the world’s most bodacious lakes resides. In the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands sit approximately at the center of a triangle composed of Iceland, Scotland, and Norway. 779 islands, of which geographers term …

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The Sedan Crater

The Sedan Crater In our previous investigation, we learned a bit about the Nevada Test Site, thanks to an assist from Stranger Things. There, the U.S. military tested over a thousand nuclear weapons in the middle of the uninhabited desert. Though atmospheric experiments led to mushroom-cloud tourism in Las Vegas, more than 90% of the …

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